History of Mexican Food

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Learn All About the History of Mexican Food

The past of Mexican cuisine is complex and full of fascinating mixtures of varied cultures. In Mexican cuisine this intricately intertwined network of history makes it all the more delicious and tasty. Famous Mexican dishes in Mexican food culture involve salsas, tacos and burritos which are still consumed to this day. Yes, the Mexican food is an excellent food well enjoyed by millions around the globe.

The abundance of colors and tastes in the background of Mexican cuisine is a perfect homage to the Mexican’s commitment to detail in rendering their cuisine sumptuous and delicious. Tracing history back to three thousand years ago, it is discovered that Mexican cuisine was highly inspired by the Mayans. It is apparent from the growing dietary points between the two, which consist of beans, maize and some fresh vegetables.

Maize is a very significant food element in the history of Mexican cuisine. Being an easy-to-plant crop with sufficient nutrients, it is a staple Mexican diet. It is packed with the required number of calories and minerals but lacking in certain amino acids including tryptophan, isoleucine and lysine. The solution to this question was simple; the ancient Mexicans consumed maize with beans, thereby adding protein composition from animal sources to that of proteins.

In the past of Mexican cuisine, maize use increased during pre-Hispanic civilisations. Maize consumption was so high that it compensated for 80 per cent of the key calorie supply of the Mexicans. During this period, maize held such significance that indigenous corn gods established the foundation of their society and religion.

Maize, which is such a traditionally common plant in Mexican food culture, helped to support Mexican populations. That time it provided them with food and produced employment for them. Several Mexican recipes used dried corn, making a savory meal as a result.

There is a nice touch of Spanish presence in the Mexican cuisine. The Spanish missionaries also introduced other culinary goods to Mexico including foods, agricultural products, and rare spices. It has given birth to other mouth-watering foods, including the antojos.

True Mexican cuisine is sometimes confused for Tex-Mex meals, including items such as salsa, hard-shell tacos, and nachos. These are distinct, because they are sometimes overlapped with fried cheese, sour creams and more; while traditional Mexican cuisine utilizes plenty of fresh produce in their recipes.

January 2021